Team Bo Bell is a 501-c3 designed to help our children holistically through a basketball platform which will promote and empower valuable life lessons that will help our children become more than Athletes.

With your help and support our goals is to provide a holistic platform that will foster self confidence- character- humility and the will to give of oneself to others though our programs which are important more so than ever.

Here are a few of our programs your donation will be supporting:

  • Education enhancement program – To build confidence that will help our children on and off the courts.
  • Health And Wellness – To bring awareness to the importance of good health and nutrition.
  • Financial success Initiative – To bring awareness an the importance of managing money saving,and investing!
  • Live to Give community service program – To insure our young people understands the human importance to give of oneself to help others.
  • Learn conflict resolution skills reducing bad behavior!
  • Make smart choices about drugs and Alcohol.

Any Donation is greatly appreciated!!

$1500 – Advertise on the website.
$3000 – Advertising on the website with logo on the uniform.
$5000+ -Advertising on the website logo on the uniform teams will work the community service of your choice.
$6000 – Sponsor a team for a season