Life is bigger than basketball- however basketball is bigger than basketball!

Basketball has always been a safe place to go where one can learn about the person they are- and the person they want to be. The power of basketball is so underestimated and underrated. The life lessons fiber the game produces are priceless treasures for one’s life. The experiences through trial and Error has taught us different. So many of our young people are looking for guidance and love, and wanting to be appreciated and accepted- We have created a platform though basketball camps, training etc, that will help us to develop people not just basketball players. Over the years many have benefit from our system- and went on to different professions. We understand the value of our position working with our children everyday. We will continue to impact others outside of our community as well. Our kids are our future and we must continue to find created and innovative ways to connect with them, weather though sports are any other activities they enjoy!
“Meeting kids half way though activities” is a great way to connect with them, in those moments they are more open to listening to Learn as opposed to listening to respond.
Our kids are going to be our doctors lawyers, pilots, engineers etc. The lessons they learned though basketball will live with them forever!!!

Us at BOBELL Basketball are developing good people not just basketball players!